Plinth area built up covered area of a building measured at floor level at any storey. Plinth area is calculated by taking the external dimension of the building at the floor level excluding plinth off-sets, if any courtyards, open areas, balconies cantilever projections are not included in plinth area. Supported porches (other than cantilevered) are included in the plinth area

The following shall be included in the plinth area.

1.      All floor area of walls at the floor level excluding plinth of sets if any.
2.      Internal Shafts for sanitary installation provided these do not exceed 2 sq m. in area air condition ducts, lifts etc.
3.      The area of parasites and the area of mufti at terrace level.
4.      Area of porch other than cantilevered

The following shall not be included in the plinth area.

  1. Area of loft
  2. Internal sanitary shafts provided these do not more than 2 sq m. in area.
  3. In enclosed balconies
  4. Towers, sunshade, domes, etc. projecting above the terrace level, not forming a storey at the terrace level.
  5. Architectural bonds, cornices etc.
  6. Sunshade, vertical sun breakers of box Louvers projecting out.


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